Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company name Kodama Intelligence Service K.K.
Service Consulting, Search & Investigation, Training for Detective development
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 30070179
Location 3-3-1 Higashinakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo 3rd floor, Sekiguchi Building, 164-0003

Kyoto sales office
Tanakati-no-Innchi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 606-8212

Access 1min walk from JR Higashi-Nakano Station Northeast exit.
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Established 1948
CEO Hidenori Kanazawa
Tel 03-3365-0015(Main Pilot#) 03-3365-1758(Pilot#)
FAX 03-3365-1750
Association Japan Investigation Service Association
Tokyo Investigation Service Association
World Association of Detectives(WAD)


  • 1948

    “Kodama detective office” established.
  • 1953

    “Japan Detective Association” established and branch offices sequentially opened. Remote seminar of “Kodama method detective technique” started.
  • 1954

    Japan’s first “Juvenile Detective Party” was formed aimed to develop healthy young males.
  • 1969

    “Training institute for Detective Security guards” established. Educational activity to spread Kodama methodology for detective techniques accelerated. The institute resulted to be the World’s first private detective school. Achievements were widely introduced in newspapers, magazines, TV news, etc. worldwide.
  • 1972

    Detective and Research industry unification was considered to improve its social recognition and position. Few years later, “Japan Detective Research Organization” was formed and Yoshio Takeuchi was appointed as the first president. (this later became “Japan Investigation Service Association.”)
  • 1973

    A Private Detective school was established in the United States.
  • 1988

    The “Japan Investigation Service Association” became a general incorporated association. Shoici Kimura took role as Chairman and Michinao Kodama, as founder, took the Corporate advisor role together with Chairperson for Education.
  • 1991

    Michinao Kodama became the world’s first “Detective critic” in order to make the whole of conventional detective activities more concrete.

  • 1994

    Michinao Kodama established the “Detective Club” and conducted seminars etc. to public.
  • 1999

    Michinao Kodama retires.
    Head office relocated from Nakano to Shinjuku.

  • 2007

    Head office relocated from Shinjuku to Nakano.
    Based on the launch of Detective Business Law, submission was done to the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission.
    Renamed from Kodama detective office to Kodama intelligence service K.K.
  • 2011

    The Detective security guard training center was renamed as “Michinao Kodama Detective training center”, and new programs were prepared.

  • 2014

    Hideo Yamada, the 12th Secretary General of the National Police Agency, was appointed as special adviser.
  • 2017

    “Fugaku Research” brand launched focused to provide service for Corporate credibility investigation.