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CEO Hidenori Kanazawa

“Information … provides knowledge helpful immediately”

Fugaku Research is a specialized brand of Industrial Information Division in Kodama Intelligence Service K.K., aimed to provide service for corporate clients willing to perform a Credibility check for certain companies or organizations.

Kodama Intelligence Service K.K. was established as “Kodama Detective Office” in 1948 by Michinao Kodama, a former intelligence agency specialist.

After the Great-war, as Japan was going through confusion period, Michinao started his business by supporting people who were searching for their diverted families. Along with the change of times, Kodama Intelligence Service K.K. has also evolved and now provides tailored services meeting requests from either corporate or for individuals.

Fugaku Research aims to contribute for continuous client prosperity by providing “Safety, Security and Development” through “Information collection and Provision”. We wish to grow together with our clients and our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions supported by groups of companies with specialties.

For 30 years, I have served for Kodama Intelligence Service K.K. founded by Michinao Kodama. Kodama Intelligence Service K.K. will always have its basis to follow justiceism and be a company suitable for the coming era with flexibility and capability to withstand change. As Michinao mentioned, “Be Japan the world leader”, I commit to inherit his will and pass it on to future.