Content of the Operations

Back ground investigations

Back ground investigations are purposed to collect information of individual personality, career, friendship relationship, living situation, economic situation, neighborhood’s reputation etc.

We can also provide tailored investigation service based on client’s request such as back ground check to confirm if the target person is taking part in an antisocial organization or not etc.. We also provide services to investigate personnel credit investigation.

Previous cases

  • ■ Back ground check for my son/daughter’s marriage partner
  • ■ Back ground check for renting a property
  • ■ Back ground check for loan and credit history
  • ■ Back ground check for suppliers
  • ■ Back ground check for any anti-social organization relationship
  • ■ Investigation of a Malicious Complainer


Surveillance is a service to confirm the target person’s activities such as “Who, when, where, what happened” by tailing and stake out. Video or Photo surveillance can also take place at the same time by utilizing our latest equipment or research vehicles. We are equipped to deliver the best performance.
In our web-site, we are listing various investigational options although the major classification of investigation is tailing and stake out which relates with Surveillance.
Surveillance is the basis of all detective investigation where the competitive performance clearly appears. Please leave it to us with confidence even for difficult cases or cases which other service providers failed to perform.

Case examples for Surveillance

  • ■ Investigation of employees, personnel who are contact employees
  • ■ Investigation of Business partner behaviors or Network
  • ■ Son / Daughter’s stop by locations, friendship network
  • ■ Infidelity, Cheating spouse
  • ■ investigation of suspicious people’s living condition or behaviors

*various information can be collected by tailing and stake out although activity surveillance is just one of the methodologies we have. Depending on what information our clients are requiring, we can consult and provide the best matching solution.

Evidence collection for trials

Number of litigations in Japan is increasing year by year. For civil trials, evidence collection is expected to be done by the person who has concern. These evidential data collection are not easy for a no-professional especially if it is a Criminal trial which requires solid evidence. Our company has experienced investigators who works closely with lawyers and collect evidence on behalf of clients. Trial results can be greatly impacted by the level of preparation, research and with the materials obtained.
Prior to trial, it is important to gather information/evidence such as witness testimony, videos, photos, reports, etc.. If a lawyer is needed, we can also introduce one. If you are uncertain what to do or prepare, please feel free to request consultation from us.

Cases we’ve handled

  • ■Evidence collection required for civil litigation, proof of action
  • ■Determine victims to claiming damage
  • ■Evidence collection for dismissal / HR related matters
  • ■Evidence collection to prove fraud
  • ■Photo or Video evidence preparation to prove harassment
  • ■Evidence collection for Criminal trial case filing
  • ■Evidence collection to prove false charging

Investigation for fraud damage

Recently, as numerous news programs are bringing up in, fraud mechanisms are becoming more and more complex and also diverse. The possibility to face fraud is rising and they actually exist very close to our daily lives such as “transfer frauds” or “fictitious claims”. Recently, the number of fraud is increasing due to the victims are directly contacted and cheated by physical interaction.

We collect and analyze all fraud tactics and take the most effective countermeasures together with lawyers and experts. Only lawyers and judicial scrivener with authority can negotiate directly with the business operators to recover fraud damages. Our company is capable of collecting information for lawyers to take action.

Examples of fraud incident consultation

Below are specific examples of consultation performed by our company. If by any chance you face fraud, urgent response is the best way to prevent damage to spread.

  • ■ Dating site fraud
  • ■ Marital fraud
  • ■ Dating and date fraud
  • ■ Financial fraud
  • ■ Online One-click fraud
  • ■ Fictional billing fraud
  • ■ Gambling strategy fraud, Horse race prediction Fraud
  • ■ Real estate reform fraud
  • ■ Settlement fraud pretending as detective companies
  • ■ Financial statement fraud … etc